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  • Plate exchangers are installation equipment that separates two fluids with different temperatures with the help of plates, allowing these plates to facilitate heat transfer between the two fluids.
  • The greatest advantage over other exchangers is heat transfer efficiency. The thinness of the plates separating the two fluids, compared to other material alternatives, increases the speed of heat transfer, thereby reducing heat losses during transfer.
  • In addition to being efficient, they prevent the buildup of sediment and dirt that can accumulate over time in the systems in which they are used. They also protect the system against excessive pressure that may occur in the installation. With these features that extend the life of the system they are used in, plate exchangers can be utilized for various purposes in installations, such as heating elements, cooling elements, circuit separators, or pressure breakers.
  • As Turkey's first manufacturer of plate heat exchangers, we have been offering these efficient and effective heat transfer elements to our customers under our MIT brand for about 15 years.