Our approach is not just about providing products, but solutions, which is why we place as much importance on after-sales services as we do on the quality of our products.

Just as we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, our solution-oriented approach extends to the after-sales services we provide. Through our extensive and competent mobile service network, we offer our customers the highest level of and fastest service experience.

For your MIT branded products, heat exchanger service, maintenance, and repair operations are conducted by our experienced service personnel and technicians nationwide, ensuring sustainable quality at the highest industry standards. For detailed information about the warranty periods and conditions offered for our products, please contact us.

Our field service team, constantly trained and supported by our specialists at the headquarters, is monitored and directed at all hours through our advanced software systems. With our appointment-based system, which always prioritizes customer satisfaction, you can reach our Ekin Industrial Solution Center at 444 35 46 to schedule an appointment and benefit from our heat exchanger services. We make a difference with our environmentally friendly practices and technological innovations, and we are always by your side with our emergency services.

Our Warranty Terms:

All our products are guaranteed for 2 years as an indication of our confidence in our quality. Under this warranty, should any material or workmanship defects occur in the products you purchase, we offer free repair services, exchanges, or returns. Customer satisfaction and trust are our top priorities, which is why every MIT branded product is manufactured to the highest industry standards, and we provide full support with our after-sales services. During the warranty period, should you experience any problems, you can call our Ekin Industrial Solution Center at 444 35 46 for quick and effective solutions.

Emergency Services:

We are by your side in tough times! We guarantee quick and effective intervention for any emergency service needs related to your MIT branded products. Our specially prepared mobile service teams resolve your issues swiftly to ensure your operations continue uninterrupted. You can call our 24/7 accessible Ekin Industrial Solution Center at +90 216 660 13 05 to request emergency service. Our experienced technical team is ready to assist you on-site as quickly as possible when needed. Remember, even in emergencies, Ekin Industrial is always by your side for reliable and fast solutions.

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