Social Responsibility

At Ekin Industrial, with our desire for collective development and growth, we have supported projects that provide social benefits from day one. We strive to create and spread awareness about our country's and our world's future as far and wide as possible.

With our understanding of Sponsorship and Social Responsibility, we regularly support various societal sharing projects with great interest, especially in education, health, and environmental issues. We diligently work to fulfill our responsibilities towards our employees and their families, our customers, our dealers, universities, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders.

Besides the corporate projects we have initiated, we fully support and take care of projects created by students aimed at contributing to the upbringing of environmentally conscious generations and illuminating future generations. We also prioritize the needs and requests of projects in our region.

We are proud to support many projects conducted both in our region and across Turkey in the field of education. As a leading organization in the sector, we carry out education and employment-focused projects with vocational schools and universities. We also support projects of student communities at Turkey's prestigious universities in areas such as innovation, renewable energy, and research and development. In the field of health, we conduct joint studies with non-governmental organizations. Through health-themed seminars organized at regular intervals, we inform our employees about voluntary blood donation, the harms of smoking, and similar topics. We wholeheartedly support projects in the health sector whenever possible.

With our investments, we contribute to the country's economy and employment. Through our sponsorships, social responsibility projects, and the voluntary support of our employees, we aim to be a pioneer and an example to society, making efforts toward this end. In our work directed at civil society, we prioritize projects that produce lasting benefits, aiming to create sustainable effects with the projects we support.

We use our resources more efficiently and pay careful attention to ensuring the most effective recycling within our company. We see this care as a reflection of our respect for the environment, humanity, future generations, and ourselves.