Gear Pump

GearyMax Gear Pumps are valveless, positive displacement pumps. Gear pumps are completely designed to meet the requirements of the applications.

Qualifications and Materials of GearyMax Gear Pumps

  • Materials used varies depending on the medium.
  • Since the chemical and physical properties of each medium is different, its interaction with the pump material definitly varies.
  • For this purpose, the materials used in the pump are selected according to the medium specification. For example, the bearings of the pump used to transfer a liquid with lubricating properties are made out of bronze, while the bearings of the pump used to transfer an acid-based liquid to be out of carbon.
  • The parts for the food medium which are in contact, to be made entirely of out stainless steel or teflon material.
  • After the pump material determined, it is decided whether the pump to be jacketed or unjacketed, depending on the medium, whether need to be heated or cooled.
  • Soft and mechanical seal options offered.
  • Internal by-pass offered optionally.
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