Our Quality Management and Certifications

At Ekin Industrial, we cater to diverse markets and sectors with our varied product groups. We conduct our quality management practices in alignment with this diversity, aiming to provide flawless assurance with every product we deliver to each sector.

Our customer relationships, from the initial contact to after-sales services, are shaped according to international quality standards. In this process, our quality philosophy is updated through continuous improvement efforts, reinforcing our commitment to providing the best service to you.

Our products are certified by internationally accredited organizations, proving that they meet the quality requirements of various sectors and markets. This provides our customers with an international level of quality assurance.

Our Quality Management System Certificates:

ISO 9001: Our management systems are certified under ISO 9001, continually updating our total quality approach.

ISO 10002: The Customer Satisfaction Management System Standard, which we apply to ensure your unconditional satisfaction and to provide services beyond your expectations.

ISO 14001: We aim to minimize environmental damage by identifying environmental factors and controlling them through necessary measures.

ISO 27001: We place great importance on the security of your information and ensure it is protected by implementing this standard.

ISO 45001: We take all necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of our employees.

Our Product Certificates:

CE - PED Certificates: We prove the compliance of our products with EU standards through certifications by internationally accredited organizations.

TSE Certificates: Issued by the Turkish Standards Institution to confirm that our products meet Turkey's high-quality standards.

EAC-GOST Certificates: These prove the compliance of our products with the regulatory and quality requirements of the Russian Federation.

BV - DNV Certificates: Certify that our products meet the specific quality requirements of the maritime industry.

ATEX Certificates: Demonstrate that our products used in flammable and easily ignitable environments meet safety requirements.

Welding Method Approvals and Welder Certificates:

Our products are mostly manufactured by welding, and we continuously improve our welding methods and personnel, certifying them to international standards.

With this information, we at Ekin Industrial want to emphasize our leading position in the industry and the high-quality standards we offer to our customers.

We thank you for your cooperation and support and are proud to serve you with our quality and safe products.