Our Corporate Policies

From our product quality to our value-added services; We owe our sustainable success in every field, from employee to customer satisfaction, to our established corporate culture. The basis of this corporate culture lies in our comprehensive corporate policies. Thanks to these policies, we design all our activities to offer the optimum same quality, regardless of people and market dynamics.

The secret of being the leading company in each & every sector lies upon our qualified Human Resources. In order to make a difference; it is necessary to have the proficient staff to implement such competent corporate policy flawlessly, alongside the experts with nearly 20 years of experience in each & every field.

We demonstrate our customer-oriented approach by reflecting the requirements and expectations of the industry with our MIT branded products in best possible way. We are raising the standards of the heating/cooling and air conditioning industries by combining our modern production and marketing, alongside our innovative approach owing to valuable experience of our expert engineers.

Engineering Approach From Sales To Maintenance

We offer value added pre and after sale services with our customer-satisfaction approach, and we are more than happy to share our deeply technical expertise. Thanks to our expert engineers that provide proactive solutions, we focus on making a difference throughout the process, from presales to maintenance. With our “quality-product, quality-service, quality-solution” approach, we are more than a manufacturer and supplier, we are a highly motivated solution partner for all kinds of heating and cooling projects.

Our Customer Satisfaction Policy

Our first & foremost priority is always to secure customer satisfaction and protect their rights via first; our pre-sales processes, that perfectly analyze customer requirements; respectively our qualified registered products, including our expert staff and meticulous working methods, that would conclude this process.

Our Quality Policy

We aim for sustainably progressive quality with a proactive approach that not only meets the market need, but anticipates. We bring together an understanding of corporate management based on strategy, not individual reflection; with effectively decision-making mechanisms, that includes our employees’ and suppliers’ interests. We run an operation based on efficiency and sustainability.

Ethical Values

We conduct all our activities in accordance with the laws and ethical values. We believe in growing together and look for mutual benefits, in all our business relationships.

Occupational Health And Safety (OHS) Policy

We prioritize a single rule in all our operations:

"It is the right of every human being to work in a healthy and safe environment."

We minimize risks with preventive OHS practices and analysis. We increase the knowledge of our own personnel, our suppliers and subcontractors with trainings and guidance. We deal with the understanding of "zero concessions" in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, and related laws.

Our Environmental Policy

We care about the prevention of waste in natural resource consumption. We keep the environmental pollutants and our wastes under constant control.We constantly notify our staff in this respect. We never compromise on compliance with the relevant legal legislations, and whole-heartedly support all kinds of endeavor that will benefit environmentally friendly technologies, and improve social awareness.

Our Privacy Policy

All your personal information shared with our company guaranteed to keep safely by our ethical values and processes, in compliance with the Article No. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data.

Information Security

All our information technology operations protected by our information security processes, which manage in accordance with ISO 27001 Information Security Management System’s requirements.