Water Heater Tanks

Water Heater Tanks, or in other words water heaters, are plumbing equipments, which heat and store the water via help of the coils or resistance inside. Water Heater Tanks fall into three different categories, structurely:

Single Serpentine Water Heater Tank

The serpentine is the part of the water heater tank heats the water; via the energy received from the heating source. Water heater tanks with one serpentine inside called Single Serpentine Water Heater Tanks.

Double Serpentine Water Heater Tank

The same as Single Serpentine Water Heater Tank, two serpentines applied in this type and Water Heater Tanks with two serpentines inside called Double Serpentine Water Heater Tanks.

Electrical Water Heater Tank

Electrical water heater tanks do not have coils. Instead heat the water by means of stainless steel resistance & electrical energy.

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