Application Areas / Energy

Exchangers are frequently used in the energy sector. Their use in areas such as geothermal power plants, cooling of thermal power plants, integration with solar energy systems for instantaneous water heaters, and heat energy recovery facilitates the creation of fast, effective, and economical solutions.

Geothermal Heating Systems

In recent years, Turkey has been utilizing its rich geothermal resources for energy production, especially for heating-focused energy generation. MIT is one of the most preferred and certified successful brands in this area, frequently using plate exchangers in residential heating systems based on geothermal energy and domestic hot water production.

Heat Energy Recovery Systems

One of the major costs in all industries is energy. Especially with the increasing energy prices in recent years, energy costs account for 20% to 40% of all production costs. Heat Energy Recovery Systems come into play at this point by recovering the heat energy released during production for reuse in production. The most crucial part of these systems is the exchangers. MIT Plate Exchangers prevent the waste of your heat energy with a wide variety of plates and gaskets suitable for every system.

Power Generation Plants

Thermal power plants are sources of hot water that reach very high temperatures with very large volumes of water during electricity production. Cooling the hot water produced in these systems requires high-cost investments in additional systems. At this point, as an alternative, MIT Plate Exchangers come into play, allowing the water to be cooled just with the installation cost of the exchanger system. The heat energy obtained during this cooling process can be used to completely heat a region, providing a double-sided savings.

Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy systems, the first type of energy that comes to mind when thinking of alternative energy, can use plate exchangers as instantaneous water heaters. In these systems, which provide free energy for domestic hot water supply and residential heating, the use of MIT Plate Exchangers makes the system more efficient and safer, extending the system's life.