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What is Brazed Heat Exchanger?

In applications where sealing is crucial and/or very high temperatures are involved, MIT Brazed Heat Exchangers are used instead of classic gasketed exchangers. Brazed exchangers are used as evaporators and condensers in cooling units, and as instant heaters in heating applications.

Produced with high-quality components, MIT Brazed Heat Exchangers can focus on low pressure drop, high efficient heat transfer, or performing heat transfer over a wide range depending on the type of plate used. With fewer moving connections, they are more resistant to corrosion, pressure, and temperature. Moreover, MIT Brazed Heat Exchangers save space with their compact designs. Brazed (welded) exchangers, through their internal designs that create turbulence, provide highly efficient heat transfer while reducing sediment accumulation. This leads to less frequent maintenance and savings on maintenance costs. MIT Welded Plate Exchangers are designed considering cooling, ventilation, and heating processes and are safely used in systems performing these processes for years.