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What is a Blower?

Blowers are equipment that enable the transfer of air in a high flow rate or low pressure from an environment undergoing emission, driven by the force from the engine rotating the fan.

The fan inside blowers rotates, creating a vacuum on the suction side, sucking in the air. The trapped air is then pushed towards the outlet. Blow‌ers are generally used to transport air. MIT-branded blowers offer the most reliable service for application areas in terms of size, performance, and technology.

Advantages of Blower Pump
  • Maximum air flow of 2500 m3/h
  • Maximum pressure of 670 mbar
  • Ability to operate at high temperatures (maximum: 130°C)
  • Provides a quiet working environment (50-85 dBA)
  • Environmentally friendly due to oil-free operation
  • Minimum vibration with dynamic balance adjustment
  • Easy and versatile installation
What are the Types of Blowers?

Blowers are divided into single-stage and two-stage.

Single-stage Blowers

Single-stage blowers are a type of blower that varies in flow rate between 40-1370, pressure between 0-460 mbar, and motor power between 0.2 - 18.5 kW.

Two-stage Blowers

Two-stage blowers are a type of blower that varies in flow rate between 88-2500, pressure between 0-670 mbar, and motor power between 0.7 - 25 kW.

How is Blower Selection Made?

When selecting a blower, the following information should be taken into consideration:

  • The required air flow rate
  • If the blower is to be used for air transfer, the positive pressure the blower needs to overcome (in mbar, bar, mSS, etc.)
  • If it is to be used for vacuum, the vacuum value of the blower (in mbar, bar, etc.)
  • Ambient temperature
Why MIT Blower?

The features that make MIT Centrifugal Blowers frequently preferred are as follows:

  • It uses high-efficiency fans.
  • It has an easy-to-install and maintenance-free AC electric motor.
  • It uses Swedish SFK or Japanese NSK bearings.
  • Thanks to the above parts, it can be used without problems for 3-5 years.
  • It requires no maintenance.
  • It provides high pressure and vacuum.
  • It can produce oil-free air.
  • Minimum vibration with dynamic balance adjustment.
  • It can be mounted horizontally and vertically.