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Water Heater Tank Standards

In line with Ekin Industrial's principle of providing long-lasting and high-quality products, there are certain standards in the production of our water heater tanks, aiming for top-level quality. By minimizing the risk of corrosion, costs are reduced in the long run, and human health is prioritized.

Paint Standard

The casing of MIT Water Heater Tanks is covered with electrostatic powder paint, developed parallel to the global environmental awareness. Electrostatic powder paint is environmentally friendly. It does not contain lead or solvents. The risk of rust is minimized by coating with iron phosphate before painting, ensuring longevity. Issues such as dripping or fading of the paint do not occur. In our laboratories, the following paint tests are applied daily: Impact Test, Scratch Test, Bending Test, Salt Test. According to European Standards, the salt test, after iron phosphate and electrostatic powder paint, lasts 380-420 hours, while in MIT water heater tanks, this standard time is 460 hours.

Enamel Standard

Our water heater tanks are designed, produced, tested, and delivered to perform above European Standards according to ISO 2722 standards. The quality of the raw material used is one of the most important factors that enable us to be certified as a top-class product in these tests. MIT Water Heater Tanks use Ereğli TRKK 6222 hot-rolled low carbon steel suitable for cold forming. This steel is resistant to aging, prone to welding, has deep drawability features, and is suitable for enamel coating applied in single/double layer or single/double firing.