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How Should a Blower be Used?

Although MIT Blowers use high-efficiency fans, AC electric motors, and Swedish SKF or Japanese NSK bearings that require no maintenance and are long-lasting, the suitability of auxiliary equipment can further extend the life of a blower.

What Should be Considered When Using a Blower?

Having safety valves at the suction and discharge points, or a system that protects the transfer can prevent blockages, which is one of the primary factors that extend the life of a blower.

Using it at the appropriate capacity and ensuring that the air inside the blower is filtered before transfer to prevent dirt accumulation is another important consideration. Not using a filter can lead to wear of the fans inside the blowers.

Blowers should not be used in the opposite direction of the motor rotation. Since the air on the outlet side will not be sucked in, blowers that are reversed have a shorter lifespan.